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Clint Martel Wilfred

Who we are

Clint Wilfred & Sons (CWS) brings a repertoire of refreshing beverages to this region. CWS is a young company that is being lead by Mr. Clint Wilfred, who is passionate in bringing delicious natural goodness to the consumers. It is always a challenge to offer new and diverse ‘good taste’ in a market like UAE because, what the consumers aspire as well as what they value varies widely. Hence, our team travels around the world to bring products that offers happiness and wellness into consumer’s everyday life.

All this requires good understanding of the market demands, that expertise comes from the fact that we have been doing the restricted beverages business in this region for around 40 years. Using that strength as leverage, we aim to supply the market with multiple types of beverages in a variety of packaging sizes and formats, this includes both carbonated soft drinks, still and sparkling premium water, energy drinks, juice based products, ready to drink teas, sports drink and other new age beverages.

Desert Stallion

Flagship brand from the house of CWS, Desert Stallion is a fine Belgian non-alcoholic malt beverage. Tastefully brewed for its crisp taste, it comes in 3 natural flavors.

  • Refreshing Natural Flavors - Lemon, Pineapple & Apple
  • Premium Non Alcoholic Refreshment
  • Chivalry in 330ml Bottle

John Crabbie's

We bring the best sold commercial non-alcoholic ginger bev. from the Ginger Master himself. Try one of the prestigious beverages available in a range of refreshing flavors such as Traditional Cloudy, Scottish Raspberry, Cloudy Lemonade in 330ml glass bottles.

Beware of spurious imitations my dear friends. Much copied but never matched, such superior refreshment comes only from John Crabbie, the Ginger Master since 1801.

Willow Water

Willow Water’s mineral content is a unique blueprint that reflects the geology of the Cartmel area. Just below the surface on Cartmel Fell lies a deep layer of peat formed from the remains of a prehistoric forest of white willow trees. This ancient woodland once covered the southern Lake District in a dense canopy.

As rain falls on Cartmel Fell the rainwater travels through this layer picking up valuable salicin on its journey. A substantial layer of limestone provides a natural filter and also endows Willow Water with its significant calcium content.

The water travels down away from the fells peaks, picking up the remaining minerals which make up its unique composition, and forms the aquifer in the sand and gravel beds that exists below the Cartmel area.

Signor Paoli

Natural fruit drinks, obtained from cold-pressed whole fruit. Our fruit drinks are completely natural, without artificial colourings or preservatives.

Perfect at breakfast, for a morning boost of energy and vitamins. Serve them well chilled to better appreciate their natural taste.


Refreshing vegetable soft drinks. These drinks are completely natural, without artificial colourings and preservatives Drink them chilled with ice or mix them with prosecco wine for an original pre-dinner drink. Great bases for cocktails.

Make Iced Tea

Back at Make Business Hub, our mixologist combine freshly brewed black tea with lime, ginger and a dash of honey or agave syrup. This version of fresh ice tea concoction is our team’s staple drink during the summer.  So we wanted to share this goodness by starting the MAKE range of iced teas, quite an ingenious way to keep cool in hot Dubai.

Why just settle for a run of the mill artificial flavored iced teas? We have flavorful fresh brews of 3 bases, green tea with lime and ginger, black tea with raspberry and melba and rooibos with honey and lemon. MAKE iced tea has real 60% tea, sure to perk up your day with its inherent tea attributes.

Tonics & Mixers

Introducing Franklin & Sons handcrafted premium tonics and mixers, a perfect accompaniment for the most revered crafted spirits.

The first products were introduced in 1886, sold from their small family confectioners shop at 171 High Street, Rickmansworth, London.

Over 100 years later their success is celebrated in today’s range, which combine unique ingredients to deliver the exquisite taste of Franklins, without ever compromising the spirits with which they share the glass.

Soft Drinks

Franklin & Sons soft drinks were first introduced in 1886 when the three brothers George, Frederick and Albert Franklin began selling their handcrafted range of soft drinks from 171 High Street, Rickmansworth, London.

Over 100 years later, this range of crafted British soft drinks combines heritage and specially sourced ingredients to reintroduce the naturally refreshing taste of Franklins.

Soda Folk

Soda Folk is a range of traditional American soft drinks. Our products are all-natural, free from preservatives, and made with the best ingredients, such as Madagascan bourbon vanilla, organic maple syrup, and cane sugar. Each drink is packaged in 330ml bottle.

Day Up

Today’s food is full of unnatural ingredients, promoted by marketing tricks.
Products need to be easy to produce and easy to sell. It needs to look good, be sweet and colorful.
But it might be not nutritious and unhealthy. That must be changed. This is why we give You DayUp.An all-natural and healthy snack for every occasion. DayUp includes: No preservatives,
No artificial additives, No sugar added,

Bev it up

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